Released: 2020
Platform: Nintendo Switch & PC
Genre: Action Platformer

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Released: 2018
Platform: iOS
Genre: Sidescrolling racegame

About us

TurtleBlaze makes games that make YOU feel epic. Exquisitely crafted juicy game experiences is what we stand for, and we hope you can see that shining through in our games. <3

We are a 3-man independent game studio from The Hague in the Netherlands.

Benjamin de Jager

Code guy

Richard Lems

Art man

Bram Stege

Production something

Press & Contact

If you would like to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to send us a message
Unfortunately we're not hiring, so please don't ask about jobs or internships.

Talk to us directly on our Discord.
For KUNAI logo's etc, visit the official press kit.
For KUNAI PRESS inquiries contact press@thearcadecrew.com.
Stay updated via @turtleblaze on Twitter.

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